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An article including tips for parents of anxious children
The stages of attachment and how to help your child (and you) attach
Emotional Regulation in Adopted Children and Teens And How schools can help kids impacted by Trauma
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Patrice Wood: One of our Local Newscasters.
She's an adoptive MOM

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I began my career as a special education teacher over twenty years ago, but my classroom management skills were not adequate to deal with the inner city DC teens I was expected to teach. I guess I was meant to do other things.
Because of that experience, however, teachers who can manage classrooms full of other people's children (and actually teach them something) are certainly my heroes. Many times a teen will come into my therapy office describing a special teacher who has lent an ear or a heart to help them deal with a tough issue. The dedication can be awe-inspiring!

I've created a teacher's guide to RETURNABLE GIRL because I think the issues of relational aggression (peer bullying/​exclusion) are only too real for many of our teens. And because adoption is becoming more the norm in our society, this guide includes information about adoption and foster care, too. I've created the guide for SPOTTING FOR NELLIE so
that teens can learn more about their amazing brains and hopefully make better decisions.

Thank you to the teachers who have helped me: From Mrs. Linden in fifth grade (who handed out my first A+++ and later became the school's superintendent) to Dr. Lawlor (my A.P. english teacher)to my wonderful writing coach Don Judson (Brown's summer reading program for teens)to all of my friends who are teachers or work in the schools: Nancy and Steve Skilton, Flora Shorey (former K-2 teacher),and all the teachers who have helped my own children grow! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

"I liked Returnable Girl. I am a Middle School ELL Tutor. If is sometimes difficult to find reading material suitable for the students I work with. Most are from countries where reading English is not the main concern. This story allows for a great deal of discussion via oral language, (which is perfect for increasing English vocabulary).
Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share with you."

--Elsie M.

"By creating a truly believable teenage narrative voice and a fully realized cast of characters, Lowell offers an engrossing, well-plotted, and impressive read. Each character, from Ronnie’s depressed and self-destructive neighbor to the motorcycle-riding youth minister, struggles with very human challenges and plays a meaningful role in the girl’s growth. Difficult issues–betrayal, depression, emotional abuse–are handled without melodrama or sensationalism. Ultimately, the novel celebrates the resilience of both teens and adults, the bonds formed in healing, and the journeys taken in finding and following one’s heart. Readers will feel they have traveled the physical and emotional distance with Ronnie, and will find comfort and hope in the story’s resolution.–Riva Pollard, The Winsor School Library, Boston