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An article including tips for parents of anxious children
The stages of attachment and how to help your child (and you) attach
Emotional Regulation in Adopted Children and Teens And How schools can help kids impacted by Trauma
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Workshops for Independent and Public Schools


How to get the most out of your Teen’s amazing, changing, but vulnerable . . . BRAIN
A workshop for smart parents and their very awesome teens

1. Find out why the teen years are the most important in brain development—and what you need to know to maximize its potential
2. Learn why lowering stress and anxiety helps communication in families—and how to lower yours!
3. Explore what is meant by “plasticity” in the brain and how it determines the formation of good and bad habits. And how to change them.
4. See what traumatic brain injury looks like in a teen brain and the number one way you can prevent it.

School visits can include classroom sessions with students. Sessions are tailored individually but can include topics such as: eating disorders, peer relational aggression, substance abuse, and/​or using literature to address relevant social issues with teens. Different socioeconomic environment and multi-cultural issues. The diversity of adoption and foster care.

Middle School Parents:
This workshop explores the transition from middle school to high school, and gives parents specific skills to stay on top of their media-savvy and risk-taking teens.

High School Parents:
This workshop explores risk-taking behaviors, red-flags, and tips for how to keep your soon-to-be independent teen safe-r.

College/​University Presentations:
Pam has worked in many different social work settings. In this inspirational speech she describes her social work successes--yet how she ultimately learned more from her failures.

Professional Training for Social Workers
and other Mental Health Professionals:

They are teens first!
This workshop focuses on the intersect between predictable adolescent development, and the issues intrinsic to foster and adopted teens.

Trauma Drama
This workshop provides a lens into the world of adopted/​foster teens and trauma. Promising treatment
options, resiliancy, case examples and the way the media has impacted this generation of adolescents, making them more vulnerable to trauma.

"Unique. Energy filled. Dynamic."
"Very creative, refreshing presentation."
"A breath of fresh air and very useful."

Foster and Adoptive Parent Seminar:
This workshop explores trauma and teens, and how parents can use cognitive behavioral tools to help them (and their kids) manage conflicting and difficult emotions.

"Trainer used real experiences as examples."
"Brought out ideas I could use in my home with my teens."
"Pamela knew what she was talking about. She doesn't just think--she knows."
"She has walked the walk."
"Great insight into the mind of a teenager."

Teen Groups/​Book Club:
This three session model explores identity and ambivalence for adolescent foster and adopted teens.
Included in the fee: copies of Returnable Girl.

"I loved this group. Great book!"
"I liked the discussions on how we felt about foster care and the book and how it related to our lives."
"We were all very emotional."

Fees are negotiable depending on workshop location.
Contact Pamela Lowell directly at palwrites@​ for more information about pricing and scheduling.
Here I am at the Parenting Matters conference. We sold out!

Thankyou, knowledge is power

I loved how you connected studies and brain information with real
life cases

Sound practical advice that was easy to understand

Wow - I love your communication style and thank you! As a parent of a 10th grade honors student - I really appreciated all the pointers on driving and respect. As a high school educator & a librarian working with young adults - your talk went much beyond. You are a personal, committed, and beyond that an informative and dramatic speaker. It's great to learn from you (and of course, to hear you read from your book- always a TREAT!). I met a few girls in the hallway afterwards and they wanted to know how they could be involved with your visit and get the book. That's success! Thank you so very much for joining us tonight. It was a great talk.

"Pamela Lowell's workshop was highly successful and a breath of fresh air. Geared to professionals including clinicians, adoption social workers, child welfare professionals, as well as
adoptive and foster parents, Lowell's workshop was insightful, informative, dynamic and very original.

Using readings from her compelling young adult novel, Returnable Girl, along with contemporary
music, and humor, Lowell helped participants to view the world from a foster/​adopted teen's perspective. She also offered practical suggestions to the thoughtful questions and pertinent issues she
raised, based on her many years of experience.

Adoption Rhode Island was so glad to have had Pamela Lowell as a presenter; the evaluations we received from participants confirmed all the good
feelings we had about her workshop and presentation style."

"My hope is that this book will get into the hands of all teens experiencing foster care."

Karen Jorgenson
NFPA Executive Director
National Foster Parents Association